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Our handcrafted premium certified organic shea butter is produced at the SeKaf Shea Butter Village by Kasalgu Women's Cooperative with shea nuts collected by the trained rural women. 


This Unrefined Shea Butter is 100% natural and is produced from the nuts of the Shea Tree (Karite). This tree is commonly found in parts of Western and Central Africa including: Ghana, Mali, and Burkina Faso. The main varieties include: Vitellaria paradoxa and Vitellaria nilotica. The cream-colored butter offers an exceptionally light, smoky aroma and retains pure and unrefined properties. 100% Pure & Natural Shea butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin.

It is unrefined and produced from an edible nut produced by the Shea Tree (Karite). This tree is commonly found in parts of Western and Central Africa including: Ghana, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

Shea butter nourishes the skin with Vitamins A, E and F. Vitamins A and E maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy. They are particularly helpful for sun damaged skin and to help prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. The Vitamin A in Shea butter is important for improving skin conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis. Vitamin F acts as a protector and rejuvenator soothing rough dry or chapped skin and helps soften dry or damaged hair.

The rich, creamy texture and high content of non-saponifible fats (Vitamin F) in the Shea Butter make it an ideal moisturizer. It can be added to skin care formulations or used by itself to assist with aging skin, eczema, dryness and relief from irritation. Shea Butter can also be used on the hair to moisturize a dry scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Super-rich in Vitamin A, E and F, creamy Shea butter melts into the skin and wraps the body with a delightful softness and earthy-nutty scent. Our Unrefined Shea Butter contains no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. 


Our Premium Quality Unrefined Shea Butter which comes from community traded Shea nuts that are fully traceable to their harvesting sources. We piloted our own scheme to process Shea butter at the community level, in a collaborative commercial project with a village in the northern region of Ghana.

We have also adapted our own traditional boiling extraction process to produce a consistently high quality butter. Part of our success lies in our outstanding and strong position in Ghana's Shea nut export. We have a well developed Shea nut buying network, which procures high quality nuts. Our experience with our buying network has meant that the nuts used for our Shea butter extraction have been very low in free fatty acids (FFA).


Vegetable butters may melt or partially melt in transit. Some butter may crystallize if they solidify too slowly. This does not impact the quality of the butter.


Shea butter benefits listed above are generally accepted by the public as the benefits of the natural butter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or other authorities. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Products may vary slightly in color and appearance due to being all-natural products.

Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter

Certified by ECOCERT SA, F-32600, according to regulation of EOS & NOP, GH-BIO-154

Directions: Apply evenly to freshly washed skin, including the face. Store in room temperature away from direct sunlight. 

Caution: If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

All natural. No synthetic or animal derived ingredients.

Made in Ghana by SeKaf Ghana Ltd


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