About Us

MIVAorganics.com is an African owned manufacturer of natural, organic cosmetic products. Founded by Kafui Bulla, Co-Founder of TAMA Cosmetics (www.tamacosmetics.com), we are the exclusive distributors of TAMA Cosmetics products from Ghana, West Africa.


In West Africa, we are deeply involved in local economic development through our work with cooperatives for women producers.  

Our cooperative efforts have helped increase the incomes of tens of thousands of women members of SeKaf Shea butter producer cooperatives and have made a remarkable difference in the living conditions of thousands of women in many small villages in Africa. We have strengthened the capacities of cooperative women by training in production, management, marketing and consensus building. We work to encourage sustainability throughout the value chain, proper management of agro-forestry resources, and increases in sales and exports. Together, these operations are making a significant contribution to the economic empowerment of African women who are all too often economically marginalized.

We have made a tangible difference in many women producers’ lives. Children gain access to medical care and education, where before these services were non-existent. Much needed infrastructure is built, and progress against poverty is achieved. These advancements are being made because our buyers realize that they can have a positive impact with the way they choose to spend their money.

Our products are hand crafted and processed by women in small villages in Ghana, West Africa.

Through our adherence to Fair Trade we organized the women into cooperative societies, providing these cooperatives  with interest free loans, credit facilities, training in packaging, labelling and quality control services.

MIVAorganics.com guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase of our products